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Parents of dogs with special needs and challenges
Your Dog's Personal Wellness Coach is here to the rescue!

Specialising in optimising their wellbeing
to facilitate your life with your furkids with a wholistic approach for a calm, fit and confident dog and a happier You

Young woman and dog bond in profile
A Hu-Cane close Connection

You are invited to take a PAUSE to look through this page and website. Take your time and use it as a mindful exercise to calm your mind.
You may use the photos as inspirations towards your dream life with your furkid to uplift your spirit. Bienvenue or Welcome to the Hu-Cane world, for the wellness of the humans and the canines in relation to each other !

Who want to be able to finally enjoy their walk with their reactive dog?

Put an end to stress, anxious apprehension, dread of walking your pup, the Canine team wellness walks will have you able to Be with your dog, walking at a leisurely pace with a set up for success for you and your furkid.


  • you stress out and even hesitate on getting your dog out on a daily basis
  • you feel anxious each time you are out with your dog, apprehensive of what may happen
  • you dread walking your dog while still feeling your dog needs this physical exercise

We have an option for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel

Imagine going to different places and actually looking forward to having this time with your furkid, all relaxed together, appreciating the location where you are, decompressing together in Nature

different landscapes with person walking or relaxing with a dog

In association with Alex Tippett Dog Training, we bring you

The Decompression Walks

with your reactive dog

For a “real world experience” with a combination of wellness for you and your dog to start this uncommon experience (for you) with a winning disposition (over your fears, over your history of struggle) so that you fully immerse yourself in the walk itself with your dog surprising you as well as surprising yourself as you are both opening to the potential for an easier life together

These walks run as sets of 4 or 6 to get you to celebrate your Nature wellness walks together where you both relax and enjoy your time.

The Decompression Walks are actually Canine Team Wellness Walks where we take care of both you and your dog’s wellbeing as you go.

They will run with a minimum of 4 dogs and a maximum of 6 pairs.

Each Decompression Walk will have a theme to focus on to progress towards this currently unimaginable feast of a relaxing walk

to modify your outlook on what is possible with your furkid and give you confidence in your abilities, calm your fears and your mind while building your dog’s coping skills, their calm approach and enjoyment of being with you out and about without the “usual” stress

relaxed woman sitting with her calm dog in Nature

and all the while creating amazing memories with your furkids.

Join us

on our next Walks, get the details for this set here 


Our previous participants have found surprising how some of the practices can be so simple and so effective and acknowledged they forget to do something so easy regularly so being reminded was a highlight of one of these walks.
And from being wary, and on alert, reactive starting the Decompression Walks, or even being over enthusiast with other dogs around, to, from the first walk, discovering the fun of having choice, slowing down, and just be a dog, without pressure, investigating.
And with our final walk of the set, being able to be 1m apart form other dogs,  being able to say a short hello and continuing peacefully on their way.

Let it be said that this will be the day you start transforming your life with your furkid with a more relaxed YOU and a calmer DOG, able to walk TOGETHER with stranger dogs and people around (at a safe distance and only a small number)

Precautions will be taken so that we can all enjoy our time together

Let’s get you on the road to success for an easier life with your beloved pup, this can be life-changing for you and your furkid.

Take your next step now, that could be the start of a new life with your dog !

Next walk date to be determined with you, ask your questions and talk about your concern here

or if you already know this is for you or that you need this,  register directly here

Are you the furkid's parent of

Calming anxious dogs
an anxious or nervous dog?
shy nervous dog
a shy or skittish dog ?
a special needs dog like Sassy ?

Whatever your dog's challenges,
whether physical, emotional or mental
and the special considerations you need to take in account to accommodate them,

are you feeling guilty or isolated,
doubting yourself and your abilities
in taking care of your beloved furkid ?

Getting stressed and anxious that your dog in that specific situation won't be able to cope well ?

You even may have thought of giving up when you reached a point of discouragement, frustration or helplessness ?

How to start

With a process to find out what is right for you and your dog


Looking for a solution for you and your dog

Emailing me your details and some information about your dog will start the process.

Alternatively, you can book a discovery call  to determine if my services match your needs, 

or go directly to the next step by booking an initial assessment if you know you want to work with me to help both of you with your wellbeing optimisation


A thorough initial assessment to get the best suited service(s) for your dog


Getting you & your dog started

After confirming how well-suited we are to work together, let’s move forward and take action towards a thriving life for and with your dog

A process to find out what is the best for your dog

happy healthy calm, fit and confident dog
You love your dog and want to share many years of joy together, so do we !


If you were experiencing some

Serenity, Peace of mind and Relaxation
when it comes to your dog ?

Feeling confident that
can get your
anxious, shy, nervous, restless dog
at his best.

What if your furkid could enjoy
ore wellbeing
and a better quality of life
alongside you doing the same ?

You are at the right place

If you want 
support, guidance, and accountability

to feel valued and listened to when you are so dedicated and committed to your furkid’s wellbeing and comfort

if you need

  • to amp up your confidence, heal your fears and doubts, even maybe guilty feelings
  • to realise that you can indeed have a life you love with your dog

for a life where both your wellbeing and quality of life together get a boost




Get a new lease on life
with your beloved dog
from now on

with a trifecta focus

focus on you, the furkid mum, working mum of anxious, shy, nervous, restless dogs
healing energy Reiki for dogs and pets
Your gorgeous dog
happy healthy calm, fit and confident dog
You and Your furkid together

with a wholistic approach
to act on and facilitate 3 achievements


Specifically tailored to your dog's condition


More than a simple petsitting and boarding service, your dog gets to get a holiday improving his or her wellbeing the time of his or her care with us.

When you are away, not being able to look after your dog, we bring you peace of mind as we will care for your dog as you would if not BETTER


Ask us about our New DFY (Done-For-You) Deluxe Dog Retreat strictly for Very Important Pooches, only a very limited number throughout the year.

Petminding for handicapped dog
20201206_Rosie petminding

Adapted exercise

Happy walks for a comfortable and mobile dog for longer

dog going Walking with wheels
MaoPei Happy walks sniffing relaxed
after TPLO surgery recovery care Happy Walks for fitness maintenance

If you are worried about maintaining the fitness of your dog after surgery, or you are concerned about how to keep your dog mobile and comfortable as s/he ages, we have a set of different walks to keep your dog in shape, entertained, and content.

This service is now part of our specialised premium petminding services only.

From now on, we only offer the Decompression Walks or Canine Team Wellness Walks run in association with Alex Tippett Dog Training on a monthly basis around Perth, especially catering for dogs who are reactive or anxious
Ask here for more details

Promoting long-term wellbeing with a holistic approach for your dog

Healing & Relaxation

An enjoyable combination that considers your dog as a whole being and cares for him or her at different levels.

A holistic approach for your dog that also includes you

Whether you want to feel calm and deeply relaxed, grounded and with a clear mind to open up your creativity and feeling more productive as the result of that
you want to release toxins and blockages that make you feel stuck and manifest with discomfort and tension in your body
you can also experience healing for yourself as well as with your dog which may well be a way to healing your troubled relationship with your dog, feeling closer and better connected as you bathe in this positive healing energy.


you may want to get rid of habits and patterns that don’t serve you anymore or hold you back to free yourself and enable you to grow and accomplish more for yourself and by extension for your family including your dog 

healing energy Reiki for dogs and pets
dog all relaxed on bed, calm, chill out, resting after massage
woman in a yoga position for calm and focus with dog laying down in front of her all relaxed. Mindful woman relaxed dog
person on a Reiki table with dog at her side both relaxing
Healing for you and your dog

Announcing the return of the 

Hu-Cane Retreats – Canine Team Wellness Retreats 

as in-person events in 2023

Success stories

Happy furkids’ parents, whose dogs I have welcomed in my canine Superstars family.

Fiona C.

furkids' mum of these 2 boys

games fun safe care for dogs

I am rather particular in my requirements and I was very impressed with her services.

Noëlle looked after my two dogs while I was overseas for 17 days. I am rather particular in my requirements and I was very impressed with her services. Importantly to me, she followed my instructions. My dogs were calm and she gained their trust. I was provided with daily photos and updates. If you are particular about the level of service your dogs need and want the best care, trust Noëlle.

Carly G.

furkids' mum of Sassy and Toby

Special needs dog, physically or emotionally challenged

Sass LOOOOVES her very good friend Noëlle – I think she gets more excited to hear her arrive than she does when we get home from work!!

Noëlle has been looking after our dog Sass since she first suffered her spinal stroke just over two years ago (massage, physical therapy, in-home care visits, walks, rehab visits, you name it and Noëlle provides it). Thanks to Noëlle’s loving care and attention a dog who vets initially told us had “zero” chance of walking is continually regaining strength and function and now stands and steps around freely and independently. Noëlle also provides in-home special needs petsitting for Sass when we go away so we can always relax knowing she is in excellent hands. And what’s more, Sass LOOOOVES her very good friend Noëlle – I think she gets more excited to hear her arrive than she does when we get home from work!! �� Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Robin G.

Goldie's human mum

Goldie is now much calmer, less fearful,  more confident and her general movement is balanced, flowing and lovely to watch.

At 4+ years of age my dog was found to have a spur developing on her right elbow and degenerative osteoarthritis in her 2 elbows and left wrist. Noelle provided me with life style patterns, exercises and games that encouraged Goldie’s body to square up and carry her weight evenly.  We then completed a wellness course to extend and consolidate what we had achieved. 

Goldie is now much calmer, less fearful,  more confident and her general movement is balanced, flowing and lovely to watch.

Noelle has a very good reassuring and loving relationship with Goldie.

I have truly appreciated her understanding and positive handling of Goldie’s issues. She has taught me to do things that  not only have improved but will also prevent Goldie’s condition worsening into the future.

More importantly Goldie can enjoy a happier active life that is less painful  too.

We are very fortunate to have Noelle to dog sit at our home when we are on holiday and I will  continue to seek her expert help and advice.

Highly recommend Noelle, she really has a true passion for animals

Noelle’s is awesome. She has been brilliant with my little Maggie ( who is not always user friendly) and now Maggie loves her. I am so grateful for all of Noelle’s expert advice, her patience and dedication to taking care of our fury friends. The aqua therapy she had done for Maggie has made a huge difference and every time we go, Maggie becomes a puppy again. Highly recommend Noelle, she really has a true passion for animals.

Maggie senior dog care

Jani B.

furkid mum of our Jolie Maggie

I have never seen Rosie bond as quickly with someone as she did with Noëlle

Can’t thank Noëlle enough for taking the best care of our rescue girl Rosie. With my girl having a horrible early life with her first owner and as a result being fearful of strangers, I was nervous about introducing her to someone new. I have never seen Rosie bond as quickly with someone as she did with Noëlle it was incredible. It is the best feeling knowing we have found someone who I think she loves more than us to look after her when we need! We definitely came home to a different dog with all the enrichment and massage she received. Thank you Noëlle!


Holly R.

Rosie's furkid mum .

I now have a new lease on life, more confident that I can go away and leave my dog safe in Noelle’s capable care.

Noelle thoroughly researched my dog’s habits and needs, showed a good understanding of the underlying anxiety issues, and proposed a careful strategy to address these.
At their first overnight stay together Noelle kept me well informed, and my dog responded to Noelle’s calm yet playful approach, building trust in her new friend.
I now have a new lease on life, more confident that I can go away and leave my dog safe in Noelle’s capable care.

a now happier anxious dog smiling

Debbie R.

Millie's furkid mum .

Gift your canine companion a healthy life.

Whole care for Superstars considering their overall wellbeing
A holistic approach for a thriving life for both of you, together

Kingsley, Western Australia

0424 713 289