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15-18 April 2022

To share a unique moment in time with your dog,

4 days to care for yourself and spend quality time with your dog with our virtual Easter Hu-Cane Retreat,

15th to 18th April 2022 
Revamp your connection with your dog

this Easter Hu❤️Cane Retreat

a time to PAUSE for reflection, relaxation, healing and fun for you and your dog
a time to learn and practice how to be with your dog in a more connected way for your mutual benefit.
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Is getting your dog calm and confident a struggle for you ?

Let's give you a strong foundation with your own wellness to support the care you give your furkid on a daily basis

woman with her dog calm and relaxed and happy

Weekly rendez-vous…

Join me on a video call on Mondays  at 7am  (AWST)
to start your week with

poise, calm and clarity of mind

Sending you loving, nurturing and healing energy for a 30mins  virtual treatment to get you feel peaceful, relaxed and calm, and get you to start your week grounded and centered.

If you’d like to  get more focus for your work, ready for the week ahead

Join me on a call for 45mins at 7am

starting on the 3rd January 2022 , in the convenience of your home or wherever you like, every Monday

  • to uplift your spirit,
  • calm your mind
  • center yourself and ground yourself

Calming Canine with Healing
online coaching program

Secure your discovery and strategy calls
woman sitting on a couch with a mug in her hand with her dog calm and relaxed and happy together
Time to take action for the life you want with your dog

Calming Canine with Healing
online coaching program

Secure your discovery and strategy calls

Time to take action for the life you want with your dog

Stressed, anxious, frustrated, about to give up, desperate for help, feeling guilty ?

Is one of this feelings  familiar to you when it comes to your dog’s wellbeing and happiness.
There are some good days and there are some more challenging days and you are now decided to find a way to get your dog in a happier place where he can relax with you more easily

Get yourself and your dog started on a new life together where you are both more relaxed and happier.

With the Calming Canine with Healing Coaching program Intensive,
you will get 5 weeks of guidance, support and accountability so that you can already see the transformation happening with you and your dog by Christmas and the end of the year.

You will start feeling confident that your journey towards a better quality of life and improved wellbeing for you and your dog is on the right track.

Start the New Year with a sense of a new lease on life for both of you.

You will be part of a small group of dedicated and committed dog people who want to move forward now,
who want to say “enough” to frustration, discouragement, helplessness, worry and stress and want to feel empowered from now on. 

Like you, they want to take care of themselves while caring for their dog’s challenges and special needs.

This online program work on 3 core elements : 




with a holistic approach

Apply to be notified for the next start of this program in 2022 and let’s start with a chat