Online or in person, get some relief and peace of mind knowing that help exists for you and your dog.
You can now stop feeling isolated, alone, judged and misunderstood with your dog’s special needs and challenges, our services are there to guide you to a better life with your furkid, so that you feel you have a new lease on life.

Because whatever the issues you face, you love your pets and want to do the best by them.

Imagine a life where you feel empowered and confident about caring for your dog’s wellbeing and quality of life.

A new life where you not only get rid of the extra stress and worries,  you also enjoy a thriving life with your dog.

Woman relaxing sitting with dog laying down at her side relaxed outdoor a calm dog with a relaxed person


A holistic approach with a line of action focused on 3 core elements :
  • you
  • your dog
  • you with your dog 
An online group coaching program so that you also enjoy the support and sharing of your experience in a supportive and understanding community who will get what you are going through
 3 options for you :
  • a 10 week program
  • a 5 week intensive
  • a VIP experience either for the 10 weeks or the Intensive to benefit from a more personalised bespoke service
Only limited to a small group for the 2 first options for a better cohesion and to allow a closer follow-up of each participants
So if you are at your wit’s end and want to finally get out of this place of constant worry, sometimes resignation, frustration, maybe desperate to find a way that will help you and your dog, this is it. 
Simple, effective and about implementation at each stage.