Summer fun with Barney, this could be with your dog !

In person -

Do you worry about your dog’s care while planning to go away or doing some renovations/construction work because your dog has special needs ?

Struggling to find someone to trust with the specific consideration your beloved pet requires ?

Losing sleep over it ?

Noelle's Animal Care's initial assessments and diagnostic

Welcome !

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15 mins suitability call


woman sitting with her dog calm and relaxed and happy

3 levels+ to suit your dog the best

Premium Programs Application

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For a Relaxed YOU
with a Calmer,
more Confident and
Comfortable DOG


Petminding for handicapped dog
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Specifically tailored to your dog


More than a simple pet-sitting and boarding service, your dog gets to get a holiday improving his or her wellbeing the time of his or her care with us.

Your dog has his or her Personal Wellness Coach to care for him or her during the petminding service and above.

Whether well-adjusted and well-behaved or needing special care and consideration due to specific conditions, we welcome and take care of your dog either in the comfort of their own home or in their second home, our location. 

Anxious, nervous dog or in need of a convalescence stay after surgery to recover better and faster, contact us

We offer petminding with different levels of services, and trials when necessary and so require an initial assessment to provide the best adapted to your dog.

We also cater for other pets on request

Get the details of our petminding services….

Adapted exercise

Happy walks for a comfortable and mobile dog for longer

If you are worried about maintaining the fitness of your dog after surgery, or you are concerned about how to keep your dog mobile and comfortable as s/he ages, we have a set of different walks to keep your dog in shape, entertained, and content, in his home environment or at my house during his or her petminding

Whether for 

  • fitness, 
  • maintenance, 
  • leisure or 
  • rehabilitation care, 


we have a walk to suit your dog whatever is special condition is.

To learn more about what we could do for your dog… 

dog going Walking with wheels
MaoPei Happy walks sniffing relaxed
after TPLO surgery recovery care Happy Walks for fitness maintenance


If you feel in turmoil or that your dog needs energetic help, stress relief, a calmer mind or to slow things down, 

Healing could be a gentle way to bring relaxation, release of mental tension to your furkid.

If your dog is undergoing any medical treatment, Reiki is a healing energy treatment that may support his journey by enhancing the benefits while diminishing the side-effects of his treatment, relaxing into this universal energy that they instinctively feel and tune into.

How does it work ?

The healing energy is offered to the animal so that he can choose to take as much or as little as he wants or needs.
For any energy work, water should be available at anytime to help with the flow.

healing energy Reiki for dogs and pets
dog all relaxed on bed, calm, chill out, resting after massage
woman in a yoga position for calm and focus with dog laying down in front of her all relaxed. Mindful woman relaxed dog

Promoting long-term wellbeing with a holistic approach for your dog

Healing and Relaxation

An enjoyable combination that considers your dog as a whole being and cares for him or her at different levels.
  • If you are stressed and overwhelmed  because your dog is anxious, nervous, shy, or restless and you wonder if he is living a happy life with you.
  • You worry that you are not able to give your furkid the life you think he deserves and the care he needs, not knowing what to do
  • Maybe loosing sleep over it and you are feeling as if you were at your wit’s end
Consider giving your beloved pet the gift of healing and relaxation.
See the difference in your dog after the course of the initial treatments and you will want to go for more for him, and, also for you, if you’d like to join your furkid for a healing treatment.