Golden Retriever dog and human mum looking at each other and connecting together over screen of a laptop on the lap of the woman both sitting on a couch, both relaxed and happy in a lounge room with wall decoration above them on their left
Human-Canine bond and connection in a relaxed atmosphere for quality time together


Last minute available spots for our Valentine Retreats both in person around Perth and online, go and register here now.

Our pre event call is scheduled for Saturday 10th February 2024 to meet and greet and prepare for our fabulous time together.

If you feel you are not a dog owner but a furkid parent, a furbaby mama or a dog guardian, part of a canine team,
this is for you.
If your dog is 1 of your top priorities in your life, and so are their wellbeing and comfort
this is for you

Canine Team and Furkid Family Wellness Coach
here to guide you on your way to a thriving life with your dog

Happy woman with her dog jumping relaxed and confident
Celebration of
Your Canine Team Wellness Success


2023 is the year where our online offering from in-person services, and integrating energy healing, combined with coaching for the furkid family is taking off

You have now a Canine Team and Furkid Family Wellness Coach 
to guide you on your journey towards a thriving life with your dog
Bringing each your best in your Canine Team dynamic means that you are opening a well of possibilities for you both :
more walks,
more adventures to share together,
more gatherings where your dog can be included,
more family and visitors to come around to your house
more energy and time for you to share moments together with your dog, do some effective training , fun games or other enjoyable activities together
more fun and joyful experiences with an easier life for you both


As sentient beings, your dog, and you, deserve to be at your best
  • Success
  • Confidence
  • Wellness
  • Calm
  • Peace of mind
  • Relaxation
  • Healing
  • Growth
  • Achievements and
  • Celebration

will be all yours amongst other positive results and feelings for you and for your dog. These are some of the benefits you can expect when working together towards your goals.

Helping furkid mums live their best life with their previously challenging  and now happier dog is at the core of our work

in cooperation, understanding and trust between me and you and your dog

You can achieve this thanks to online courses and programs at a level of your choice, in small squads, privately, or a mix of the 2, with simple practices to implement.

Please note that if your success is our concern, it is your responsibility.

We will start by an initial call to set you up for success by choosing what will suit you and your dog best at the time of your application and organise the logistics with you.

If you want to

  • elevate your mutual relationship with your beloved canine to another level of closeness and appreciation,
  • feel confident and able to help your dog live up to their potential with both of your wellbeing optimised and shining through your bond and connection.
Tell us more about your situation with your dog and what you want to achieve.